Choosing a Childcare Centre in Helensvale

There are several things to consider when choosing a childcare centre in Helensvale. Some of these factors include the fees, flexible hours, maternity and paternity leave, and quality of care. These are important factors when choosing a childcare centre. If you are considering opening a childcare centre, these tips should help you find the right fit.

Fees for childcare centre Helensvale

Fees for childcare centres are usually paid for two weeks in advance. Parents can pay through credit card, eftpos, ezi debit, or direct deposit. Each week, the child is given an envelope containing his or her weekly fees. In some centres, there is an enrolment fee of $30 to put the child on the waiting list. However, this does not guarantee a spot.

When it comes to setting up a childcare centre, location is key. It affects the growth and success rate of the centre. It is best to choose a location that has enough potential to attract parents.

Flexible hours

Starting a childcare centre is a big undertaking. Moreover, the children have different needs. Therefore, it is essential to choose a location that is ideal for your childcare business. There are many factors that you need to consider if you want to start a childcare centre in Helensvale.

The first factor that you should consider is the number of hours you would like to have your child attend. Some childcare centres allow you to choose a different schedule from day one. This is a great feature if you need flexible hours. A flexible schedule helps you plan your childcare around your lifestyle. Moreover, it gives you more freedom to decide how much time you want to spend with your child.

Maternity/paternity leave

Whether you’re planning a family of your own or planning to adopt a child, you can take advantage of paid parental leave. During this period, you’ll have a chance to bond with your new child. During this period, you’ll also be able to use your PTO to support your new role as a parent. To request maternity or paternity leave, you should submit the appropriate form.

The form can be filled out by a supervisor, department administrator, or human resources representative. It should be submitted as soon as possible after the birth or adoption of the child. In addition, your supervisor must approve the leave. Use the time reporting code MRL or PRL when reporting your leave.

Quality of care

When choosing a local Helensvale child care facility, the quality of care is important. Helensvale has a number of childcare centres to choose from. Visiting one of these facilities will give you a good idea of the physical setting and how well staff interact with children. You can also find out about the educational programs and activities that are offered.

As a parent, you will want to ensure that the centre provides high-quality care. Quality child care is about happy children, positive experiences, and learning through play. A good centre will have a range of activities, such as physical, cognitive, and cultural activities.

Staffing requirements

Running a childcare centre is a tough business. The more children you have, the more challenging it becomes. Not everyone is cut out for this kind of work, but if you feel like you are up to the challenge, it might be worth giving it a try. However, before you start your own childcare centre in Helensvale, there are some things you should consider.

First, make sure you hire the right kind of staff. You must choose childcare workers who are highly qualified and experienced. Educators should have the right attitude and be passionate about their work. They should want to work in an environment where their ideas are valued and where their contribution is rewarded.

Multiple Benefits of Funded Langwarrin Kindergarten

Parents in Langwarrin are kept on their toes meeting family obligations and work commitments. Time management skills are often found wanting when parents have to make a living while providing the best care for their child/children.

Funded Langwarrin kindergarten can help with the problem of families being unable to attend sessional kinder programs every day. Families availing of integrated funded Langwarrin kindergarten gain benefits, to include:

Full-day kinder program

Parents opting for an integrated funded kindergarten gain access to a whole-day early childhood education program. The longer class session is the best way to smoothen the transition to 1st grade.

Access to qualified teachers

The learning process of whole-day integrated funded kindergarten is supported by a fully qualified teacher. Other educators will also be on hand to assist children during interactive play sessions.

Meals prepared by a qualified cook

The children’s meals are prepared on-site by a qualified cook. The dietary requirements requested by parents will be followed. This means that packed lunch boxes are not part of the equation when you drop off your child at the facility.

Provides an individual portfolio at the end of each year to show each child’s learning experiences

Portfolios of all the learning experiences of each child are provided to parents at the end of each year. The special portfolio allows parents to see the daily activities participated in by their children. Group activities during excursions and incursions will all be included in this memorable keepsake. This allows children to hold on to the important milestones learned and experienced while attending the year-long kindergarten program.

Outdoor educational excursions

The learning process of children is excellently augmented by regular outdoor excursions to places such as the community garden or the local library. Children are also provided opportunities to learn, experience, and appreciate the wonders of nature during these trips.

No additional cost to parents

The service fees incorporated in the funded kindergarten program mean no additional cost to parents. The integration into the long daycare services of funded kindergarten means that parents can claim CCR or Child Care Rebate or CCB or Child Care Benefit.

In a nutshell:

The top benefits provided by funded kindergarten to parents include:

  • Closing and opening times are convenient for parents. Morning or night traffic is often busy. The kindergarten allows adequate time for parents to drop off and pick up their children. This eliminates the need for parents to arrange with family or friends drop-off or pick-up times.
  • Provide parents the choice of a convenient time to drop off or pick up their children.
  • Full-day kindergarten program
  • Inclusion of meals provided by a qualified cook
  • Regular outdoor excursions under strict supervised care

Benefits of Kindergarten (Standalone or Funded)

Parents and children stand to gain multiple benefits when opting for either standalone or funded kindergarten. Multiple research studies have shown that the most powerful way of supporting the development and learning of children are through quality play-based programs of kindergarten.

Letting a child attend kindergarten is always recommended by early childhood education experts. The benefits gained by a child while attending kindergarten sets the stage for learning abilities throughout schooling years and beyond.

Integrated funded kindergarten offers the best of both worlds to parents and children. The flexibility of time for dropping off or picking up a child makes it the most convenient choice of all. Choose a local kindergarten in Langwarrin to make things easier for you.

Diving Into the World of Enclosed Art Prints

Arts have been an expression of beauty and creativity since time immemorial with legends like Picasso rising to the occasion. Great artworks like Mona Lisa have stood the test of time, and for a glimpse, a hefty amount has to be submitted. Framed arts have, however, gained fame through house decoration. Besides being used as décor, they can furthermore be presented to loved ones as gifts. Either in photography or paintings, framed decorations always seem to fix the unseen problem in a room.

Customised enclosed arts are also available to the market today for those with unique demands. The frames may vary in the form of material used, the design of the structure, or a unique expression of art by the artist as ordered by their clients. In this type of order, the client specifies more than just the frame; one has to select the colour and glaze most preferred for the art piece. How do we, however, differentiate good art from fake? With a lot of scammers operating in the industry, you need the following tips to assist you in getting value for your money.

Tips to Assist You Purchase Art Prints Online Effectively

Navigating the market blindly could only lead to wastage of time and finances, especially for new buyers. Discussed below are a few tips that are instrumental in your search or fine art prints online today.

1. Only purchase from reputable dealers

From searching online and getting viable recommendations from friends and family, it is appropriate that you have several dealers you can trust. Check their reviews online and the kind of ratings that the dealer gets from their clients. Keep off dealers that have a lot of complaints on their sites from poor service delivery or dealing in counterfeit artwork. Every print also needs to come with a signature of the artist in pencil accompanied by the certificate of copyrights assuring the buyer that no similar reproductions of the project will be made.

2. Ascertain the quality and prevailing condition of the artwork

It is wise to enrich your mind with information and details regarding artworks. This gets you ready to assess and inspect any artwork for originality before making any purchase. Among the factors, you should be able to check and prove for creativity are

  • Acidity ranging from pH7 to pH10
  • Ranking surpassing six on blue wool scale
  • Archival quality paper (at least 100 years resistant to light)

3. Be cautious of artwork scams.

A lot of scams have been going on different sites belonging to the print artists, dealer’s websites, and even different auctioneers online. In most cases, the original artists may not have any idea their work is being counterfeited. Print markets exist in two forms in the world today. The first type of art print market is known as unsigned and may not be on a limited edition or archived. Art prints in this form of the market are cheaper and can easily be procured.

The second form of art prints market only deals with legit products and mostly those that are limited editions. Here it may be difficult to authenticate the original seller since scammers and frauds have made way to steal from unknowing clients. It is thus appropriate that one has all the relevant information before engaging in any form of transaction with art print sellers online.

Factors to consider when you are buying the right child play equipment

When you start a child care centre, you must be willing to do whatever it takes for you to keep the children controlled. If you do not control the children under your care, it becomes tough for them to settle.  One of the things that can help you make sure that the children are under control, but comfortable is having the right child play equipment. Most of the people who own child care centres do want to buy this equipment because some are very expensive.  However, they are very crucial. Buying the right equipment should always be a priority, and hence you must ensure that you have done it correctly. To those who find buying this equipment in  Darwin, there are factors that you can consider when you purchase your equipment. These factors will ensure you do not make any mistake when you are buying your equipment. These factors include.


The age of the children

The children who are brought to different child care centres in Darwin are of different ages. Some are learning to crawl while others are walking. Others are weeks or days old. The equipment that all these children require is different. For this reason, when you are buying your child play equipment, you must make sure that you consider the age of the children that are in your child care centre.


The interests of  the children

The other thing that you must think about when you are buying your child play equipment is the interests of the children in your child care centre.  Some of these children may want to start climbing. Others may be interested in drawing while others may have other interests. The child play equipment that you buy must meet the requirements and benefits of the children in child care centres.


The safety of the equipment

Children are very delicate. When you have a child care centre, you must make sure that you buy this equipment that is safe for the children. This means that as you purchase this equipment to ensure that you find out whether they can injure the children under your care.  This equipment should also not be too small or have very small parts that children can swallow. Safety is always a priority when you are buying your child play equipment.


The cost of the equipment

The children in your child care centre do not require those play equipment that is too expensive.  Even those cheap toys in the market are right for them. When you are buying the child play equipment for your child care centre, ensure that you consider your budget and the cost of this equipment.  Make sure that you go for that equipment that you can afford.


The weight of the equipment

Different child play equipment in the market today are of different weights. Some are heavier than the others. When you are buying any child play equipment for your child, you must make sure that you purchase the equipment that is not heavy for the children. Since they are young, they should not be exposed to heavy materials at all.


The quality of the equipment

Although you should not buy the equipment that is very expensive, you must ensure that you check on the quality of the equipment that you are buying. The equipment that will last longer are those that have high quality.


North lakes Child Care

It is evident that kids are supposed to ascertain and progress through play. Then they are clever to trial with new ideas, theories and their insight of concepts, put across their creative ability, let lose their emotions and contribute to their feelings. At the same time, they are engaging in taking part in the family are on the rise across complete domains and creating the house blocks for their future. In North Lake, a child is untaken an expansive reach of designed and voluntary instructive experiences for children of entire ages.

Their programs are play-based and armed with the erudition that children find paramount what time provided with opportunities and environments to generously engage with the globe around them in pursuit of their particular benefit and curiosities.

The classroom environments are jam-packed of innovative and imaginative actions that make available kids time and distance to explore and learn. In the North Lake Child care family put into practice the skills mandatory for their futures such as friendships, exploring and arrangement of emotions and eventually discovering their private path in the broader community.

Some of the services and programs offered are:

  • Nutritious
  • Nappies for those under the age of two
  • Kindergarten swimming
  • Yoga practice

They pride themselves on their attractive treatment and comfortable facilities. They offer enlightening toys and entertainment experiences every one of in sunny areas with shade cover. A spacious internal place to stay consent for the kids to intermingle with one another as they are inspired to ascertain and investigate, too forming civil relationships with peers and educators. Exciting and motivating behaviour is voluntary that strengthens the in advance living education Framework.

Child Cares in North Lake, as satisfactorily as consistent family nights and emailed newsletters, make possible them to halt in the draw to a close and make contact with parents and families, ensuring straight and clear communication. This additional capital they know how to tailor every plan to the child’s personal needs, good and strengths – as effectively as the muscular intensity of cultural diversity in their centre. Outside, they engage in two areas the entire with age-appropriate performance chairs and equipment. With an entertaining and engaging donation of manmade and biological tease areas, they bid a selection of experiences everywhere the family canister analyse their skills, challenge themselves and study about the environment and the weight of sustainability at the equivalent time.

The people are as well eminent to them and through visits to the centre and input in dealings and behaviour throughout the day, they are competent to augment the knowledge experience. Skill adventures are provided on a day by day foundation, which allows the children to all comers direct their creativity. They partner with you to impart a safe, quality, family-centred culture environment everyplace every result is respected and nurtured. They repeatedly utilise our skills and explore new customs to augment your child’s in the early hour’s culture event.

They provide qualified and loving educators with experience and expertise to go through your child’s developmental needs. They also meet the single necessities of your family and your child engage your child’s learning and put up their confidence to grow to be considerate and tough.  Let the North Lakes child care facility provide your children with engaging environments that allow your children to explore and originate in many spontaneous adventures.


Why sending your child to a kindergarten in Nerang matters

Parents in Nerang are left wondering whether it is right to enrol their kids in kindergarten Nerang as they hit pre-school age. Early childhood education has been seen as the best stepping stone for kids to learn more about the world around them.

Pre-school age is the time when the highest peak of interest is seen in children. The best way to help kids develop emotionally, mentally, and physically is to enrol them in kindergarten.

Learning is fun in kindergarten

Kindergarten offers the best learning environment for children to learn and develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. The first formal schooling kids experience is kindergarten.

While parents can encourage learning in the home, the structured learning atmosphere of kindergarten helps kids to understand the term “school.” Enrolling them in kindergarten makes kids understand that school is not something to be scared about.

The learning process implemented in good kindergarten schools focuses on interesting and creative ways to learn and understand numbers, nature, and letters. The structured environment nurtured by a teacher helps kids learn to listen and learn new things.

Kindergarten develops social skills

Parents don’t have to worry about enrolling their children in kindergarten even when they seem to be shy. Often, children overcome their shyness when they find themselves among their peers. Socialising with their peers is the best way to boost the social and emotional skills of children.

Kindergarten provides the best environment for children to make friends, open up to their peers, and share ideas. The structured education provided by kindergarten enables kids to become familiar and differentiate between unacceptable and acceptable behaviour.

Conflicts among children do happen in kindergarten. However, children learn to resolve their issues making kindergarten extremely beneficial for developing social skills. Kindergarten provides the perfect moment for kids to learn how to respect others, overcome conflicts, and make things better for their peers and themselves.

Kindergarten enhances creativity

Learning reading and numbers can be boring for children if it is not presented creatively. Good kindergarten schools have the experience to make learning creative and interesting for children.

Helping and encouraging children to use varied means of learning from crafting, painting, and building blocks enhance their creative thinking. Good kindergarten schools encourage each child the right to express their creativity. The various programs of the best kindergarten Nerang are based on every child’s individual needs. It is crucial to foster individuality in small children for them to learn coping skills later in life.

Kindergarten is the stepping stone to formal education

Formal education can be a scary experience for children who have not been exposed to early childhood education. Sadly, formal schooling does not often provide an environment that can nurture social and creative skills in children.

Kids with no experience of having to sit attentively and listen to a teacher will have a harder adjustment time than those who were exposed to kindergarten. The best way to make your child cope comfortably with formal schooling is by preparing them by enrolling them in kindergarten.

A significant difference is made in a child’s learning process when he/she is exposed to early childhood education. Kindergarten is seen as the best place for kids to learn innovative and creative ways of resolving problems, connect with their peers, and become more comfortable communicating their ideas.



Six features of child care provider in Toowoomba

Most parents in Toowoomba find themselves in a challenging situation when it comes to choosing the best child care providers they can trust to take care of their children when they are absent. It’s essential to ensure that you look for a babysitter or a nanny who is capable of developing and maintaining a good rapport with your child. Once the child develops a good rapport with the nanny or the babysitter, the child will be able to express his or her needs without fear hence the child will feel comfortable under the care of the nanny. Therefore, parents in Toowoomba should look for the following features before getting a child care provider:

1. A child care provider with excellent communication skills

A good child care provider should be in a position to show good listening and communicating skills. Every child requires a person who can help them when they speak out their problems. Therefore, the child care provider must listen to the children and give the necessary aid when the need arises.

2. Patient with the children

This is one of the vital features a childcare provider should portray at all time. Children have varied potentials, some are fast learners, and others are time taker when it comes to responding to the instruction given. Therefore, the childcare provider should provide space to the child to learn at his or her own pace without harassing or forcing the child to perform various tasks like feeding oneself, blowing the nose and responding to nature’s call.

3. A child care provider who nurtures the child

Sometimes a child may feel sad, stressed or lonely when they are away from their parents. Therefore, a childcare provider should be able to encourage, motive and handle them with care when such circumstances arise. The right child care provider should hug this lonely and depressed child, and these will create an excellent nurturing surroundings to enable a child to acquire self-confidence and develop high self-esteem.

4. A good player and fun maker

Playing and fun making are vital things that make every child feel that their world is enjoyable and complete. Therefore, the child care provider should be active when it comes to recreational activities. The child needs both outdoor and indoor games and should be provided with toys and other concrete objects to facilitate his or her play. It’s also good for the child care provider to read exciting stories to the child for this will boost the creativity and imagination skills of the child. It’s also vital to ensure that the playing arena is free from sharp objects that can harm the child; hence this will make the child feel more secure and will be able to play without fear.

5. A person who is capable of boosting the independence of the child

The child should be taught to be self-dependent when they are young because this will help them become responsible adults in future. For that reason, a child care provider should guide the child on how to perform a different task, for instance, feeding oneself and dressing. The right child care provider should introduce these tasks to the child bit by bit without forcing the child to perform them.

6. A responsible and morally upright child care provider

Children learn through observation; hence when a parent is looking for a child care provider should be very knee about the behaviour and the character traits of the child care provider. It’s the responsibility of the care provider to speak and perform various tasks when handling the child so that can learn the right moral values that are acceptable in the society.

Enrol in a Toowoomba childcare centre if you want your kids to grow up and develop into intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially healthy individuals.

How to Choose the Best ISO Accreditation Registrar

Business and companies are on the run to get ISO certified. It is, without a doubt, that ISO certification comes with enormous benefits for any business. No business would want to underperform or be inefficient.

The process of obtaining an ISO certification is rigorous. It requires the participants to set goals that are beneficial to their operation, besides laying down the strategies that are in tandem with the internally recognised standard. This process usually ends with an award of an ISO certificate.

ISO Accreditation Registrar

The body that awards the ISO certificate is what is called the ISO Accreditation Registrar/ accredited registrar and sometimes commonly referred to as an accredited certification body. This body is accredited by a recognised body to audit as well as issue certification as a confirmation that a company meets the laid down requirements of a standard.

Such a body is, therefore, held in high regards. It should be able to audit your company without favour or biases to ascertain whether it meets the international standards. This body is, undoubtedly, an essential determinant of the future of your business.

Keep in mind that numerous ISO Accreditation Registrars are operating within different countries. However, not all of them are registered to offer such services. As such, care must be employed while looking for a registrar. It will be pointless, to toil all the way and be accredited by a noncompliant body; it will be void.

The search

The search for an ISO registrar should begin soon as embark on the accreditation process. To be on the safe side, it proper to start three months before the expected date of accreditation. This time frame allows you to scrutinise if the candidate you select meets all the regulations of the ISO Accreditation Bodies.

Major considerations

You should consider:

Independence of the body

Registrar must perform their job independently. It is not in their vocabulary to consult. Once you invite them, they must do their audit to ascertain if your organisation is compliant with the international standard without the help of another body.


This an essential factor when selector a registrar. An experienced body will deliver better results than an amateur organisation. What you have to consider, basically is if the accrediting body has the experience in the domain in which the company is operating. For instance, if you own a manufacturing company, the ISO Accreditation Registrar must have sufficient knowledge in that particular industry to deliver accurate results.

While looking at an ISO Accreditation Registrar, you’ll notice some are accredited to operate in diverse fields while other only can audit a single entity. Critically looking at the qualifications of the registrar can help you make a sound decision.


Pricing is usually a primary concern. Some ISO Accreditation Registrar may charge exorbitant rates; beyond your budget. You still find genuine ones who can offer the services at an affordable price, but you have to search deeper.

Office support

You may be tempted to assume this factor. However, how the accrediting body handles issues is very important. They must be able to respond to your concerns promptly and precisely. They must assure you the accreditation process is adding value to your business, rather draining it away.

Other important factors that come into play here is interpersonal skills, how flexible they are and are they interested in working with you.

Choose ISO accreditation from Atlas for a reliable certification process.

Pros of Boarding Schools in Brisbane

The path to the right education for your beloved child is often a hard decision. The decision of whether to go for a boarding school or day school is often the challenge parents’ face.

However, hard as the decision would be, parents have no choice but to make one. Boarding schools Brisbane presents a lot of pros for you to consider.

Here are the pros a boarding school can give to you and your child.

24/7 development and education

The continuing 24/7 development and education provided by the boarding school to your child is its top benefit. It is only in the boarding school where your child learns constantly. Doing homework is a must with a designated time for students to do them. Your child will have no other choice but to go along. The distraction-free setting provided by boarding schools ensures 24/7 learning for their students.

Excellent extra-curricular activities

Day school can only offer limited extra-curricular activities. Boarding schools, on the other hand, offer extensive activities to keep their students busy all the time. Some of the activities involve going out on out-of-school trips. These educational trips add more non-academic and invaluable skills for students.

Extended social life

Your child will be living among peers which can build lasting friendships. A chance to have fun with classmates and peers is probably the top reason for children to choose a boarding school than a day school. While it can be fun to study, play, sleep, and eat with friends, building your child’s confidence in making friends is an invaluable skill learned.

Enhance the quality of family relationships

A child going to boarding school will enhance the quality of family relationships. Not having a child constantly at your feet and the days of separation can make the heart grow fonder. The teenage angst and family problems happening will also be an avoided stress between you and your child. Constantly nagging a child staying at home can cause tension and enmity. Boarding schools will do the nagging for you, making you look favourable to your child when he/she goes home.

Encourage independence

A child that lives away from home learns to rely on himself/herself for her needs. Boarding schools encourage independent living in their students. This becomes advantageous to them the moment they leave for university. The skill learned from being independent also helps them adjust better in adulthood.

Eliminates school travel

Travelling to and from school can bite a huge chunk of your child’s and your time. Boarding schools eliminate the school travel problem. The free travel time provided by boarding schools encourages your child to become actively involved in some positive extra-curricular activities such as sports.

Give parents free time

A boarding school offers the best solution for working parents. No longer will they be obligated to come home on time to cook meals or to drive your child from one activity to the next. Boarding schools will take care of the daily supervision of your child, leaving you free to pursue career goals.

Sending your child to a boarding school offers a lot of pros than cons. The expense is probably the con that prevents parents from sending their children to boarding schools. Ipswich Grammer are a boarding school found in Brisbane that will definitely give you value for your money.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Professional Art Supplies

Buying professional art supplies for the first time? It can be overwhelming when you are at an art supplies store but not quite sure where to begin.  There are so many things to buy and choosing the right medium of paint that it’s easy to get confused. Don’t worry. The following tips would help you find the right art supplies without having to break the bank.

Acrylic art supplies

In the recent years there has been a major shift towards buying acrylic art supplies. The major reason being that these are permanent and nontoxic, does being eco-friendly as well. Acrylic paints come in two varieties. These include the student variety and the professional variety. Choose which suits your budget and of course your experience. These paints are available in a variety of color and have a high level of permanence. So you don’t have to worry about fading any more.

Also when buying colors you can be smart and choose the ten basic colors which would help you make new colors as well as you go along. This is good for people who are on budget and can’t afford buying all the colors which they require.

When buying acrylic paints don’t forget to check for viscosity. Viscous pants have a buttery consistency and can make painting a dream. These can be thinned to the artist’s desire when required. Acrylics while expensive are in bigger demand because of the qualities which they possess.


The best thing about water colors is that you can paint in any genre. When buying water colors make sure to keep an eye out for the quality. The right quality paints can add depth to any painting and make it appear more beautiful. Watercolors with higher pigment and high permanence rating should be your first priority.

When choosing the color, make sure you have a versatile palette which allow you to experiment with a number of designs and genres. Choose basic colors and then add a few more secondary one this can be enough for the time being. As you gain more experience you can buy more colors.

Paint brushes

A good quality paint brush can make painting a great deal more interesting. Plus quality brushes if cared for properly can last for a lifetime. Paintbrushes can be expensive, proper maintenance and care would ensure that these stay in the best condition possible. Use special artists brush cleaners to clean the brushes to make sure you don’t damage the soft bristles.

Studio art supplies

For anyone who wants to maintain a well-organized studio, buying quality studio supplies is necessary. An artist should have a proper easel to paint on. Similarly the lighting in the studio needs to be proper as well to facilitate a better painting experience. Also supplies like storage drawers are necessary to keep everything looking well organized.

When buying these art supplies, it’s necessary that you buy these form a good art supplies store. They should deal in quality products.

Aboriginal Scarves

All You Need To Know About Aboriginal Scarves

The primary role of the aboriginal scarves is to tell about a unique story. Their royalties arising from the sale of each product benefits their community and individual artist directly.

Aboriginal art relies on ancient stories, and it’s usually filled by using  Dreamtime’ period symbols, which is a representation of how the world was created. The stories have lasted more than 50,000 years now and have been delivered to many generations both visually and verbally on bark paintings and rock art.

The aboriginal scarves act as great gifts and souvenirs. Also, they are unique clothing accessories that guarantee to turn any head in addition to starting conversations. With each aboriginal scarf, you will find the information about its artist, the Dreamtime story, and artwork. By doing it becomes possible to share some information relating to a given Aboriginal culture to anyone who needs it. Let’s see some of the common Aboriginal Scarves:

Woollen Scarves

Woollen scarves are the best for men and women. They are an Australian merino wool types of scarves that feature designs of the common artists namely, Paddy Stewart and Pauline Gallagher. These artists originate from the Warlukurlangu Artists Corporations, situated in Yuendumu. This corporation north-west side of Alice Springs, a distance of 290 km.

Silk Scarves

If you want the best scarf for the coming warmer months, a silk scarf is a choice to go for. It is specifically made for women, and it comes with bold and bright earthy designs. The designs symbolize the famous artists like Murdie Morris and Otto’s Sims. Mostly, you will find each scarf measuring 54cm by 180cm. You can dress the scarf either down or up with jeans as one way of brightening up the dark suit or any outfit.

Summer Brights

Are you that individual who always adores bright colours? Then summer brights must be the best scarves for you. Summer brights are the type of scarves featuring bright colors that most people do adore. It is a silk scarf featuring pink, yellow, and blue pops. Summer brights rely on Saraeva Marshall’s Aboriginal artwork. Saraeva Marshall started painting from her early age with the assistance from her mother and grandmother. It is through these two that Saraeva got to learn about the ancestral women who used to travel, dance and perform ceremonies that promoted unity in the country as they travelled.

Bush Tucker

Bush Tucker is a luxurious, subtle type of silk scarf that relies on artwork associated with Susan Peter, commonly identified as Bush tomatoes. Bush tomato is a plant that grows only in the sandy country, and this is usually around the Wolfe Creek Crater. You will always find Susan proudly painting the bush medicines and bush tucker, which she always love collecting. Her family is what taught her the main purpose of this painting.

If you’re to offer your friend or family member, a special birthday gift or anniversary gift or you’re planning for the best Christmas gift; the bush tucker scarf should not be an option. It is a perfect choice if you’re planning to treat yourself or planning for an anniversary, birthday and Christmas gift.

Aboriginal scarves offer endless benefits. Make a step of purchasing one of the discussed types and enjoy the outstanding results they offer!

Games, toys and activities for toddlers from 12 to 24 months

As your baby grows up and starts walking, running and climbing, the way he plays changes dramatically. As his physical abilities improve, the child from 12 to 24 months acquires a lot of new skills: talking, playing games, interacting and making friends. The game is an integral part of this development.

  • Toddlers love to touch and explore . You can stimulate their creativity by arranging your home safely so you do not always have to say no. Placing banned items out of reach will help you avoid confrontations. Outdoor activities also offer children great opportunities to learn about their environment by experimenting, touching and discovering new things. Closely supervise your toddler outdoors.
  • Toddlers move around the clock . Moving allows them to practice their new skills: walking, running, jumping, kicking and throwing. Every day, spend a lot of time playing outdoor activities so that your child can develop these skills and be active.
  • Toddlers like to climb . To promote this skill safely while taking in fresh air, go to the neighborhood park or playground. Modular games must be age-appropriate and well maintained. There must be a type of safe floor to cushion falls. Always supervise activities at the playgrounds and stay close to your child when using the play facilities.
  • Toddlers want to do what others do . Encourage your child to participate in the house by asking him or her to do simple tasks: pick up toys, fold clothes or broom.
  • Toddlers develop their imagination . At 24 months, your child will start playing imaginary games. He could play with familiar objects or invent small stories about his cars, trains or dolls.
  • Resist the urge to always run your toddler’s games . Sit and watch, and let him come to you when he needs you. Watch, wait and marvel!

Toys suitable for toddlers

At this age, your child begins to find his toys more interesting because he is now able to handle them well. Often, the best toys are the simplest: blocks, floating bath toys, pots and pans, or empty plastic containers. Toddlers learn how objects work and explore cause-and-effect relationships. They also love filling and emptying containers.

Your child does not need expensive or complicated toys. Here are some safe and attractive toys for children of this age:

  • Toys that can be pushed and pulled (with short ropes)
  • Trotters that can be moved with the feet
  • Dolls or simple animals that can be dressed, preferably with Velcro or snaps (pay attention to parts or buttons that can tear)
  • Simple multi-piece puzzles
  • Toddler construction toys
  • Large boxes of cardboard where doors and windows have been cut so that the child can climb and pass the head
  • Toys that can be stacked and sorted, large boxes of plastic or wood with holes to enter blocks of corresponding shapes
  • Big soft balloons that can be thrown and hit
  • Musical toys (drums, maracas)
  • Cars, trains and trucks that can be easily held in the hand
  • Broom and dustpan child
  • Scarves for playing “hello”, which can also be used as dolls, dance accessories or capes of superheroes
  • Workbenches, blocks, toy phones
  • Accessories for playing in sand and water (bucket, shovel, rake or sieve)
  • Simple costumes, like a hat or shoes to mom or dad
  • Accessories for making bubbles. Even if you have to blast yourself to make the bubbles, know that this simple activity helps your child to follow an object of the eyes (following the bubbles that move in the air), to understand the relationship of cause and effect ( the sound of bursting bubbles) and improve overall motor skills (running after bubbles and stretching to burst them)

How to pray with children?

The words of prayer

Thanks to the Gospels, we know that the words of the Lord’s Prayer are the most accurate to address God. This is the exemplary prayer that Jesus himself gave to his disciples. Many prayers enrich the prayer of the Christian. They come from texts of the Old or New Testament, psalms, etc. They help establish a regular relationship with God and Jesus.

When we pray with children, we discover very quickly that they like to address Jesus because He gradually becomes their friend. They find more personal words. Invite them to note these words, to decorate the page that will collect their prayer.


Man does not pray only with words but also with his whole body. Each of his attitudes makes sense. They translate feelings.

Standing up expresses respect and attention: the body is ready to acclaim, to honor, to welcome.

Tipping the head or bust marks adoration.

To prostrate oneself (head against the ground) is an attitude of respect often found in the Bible.

Sitting is the favorable attitude to listening.

Kneeling manifests a desire for penance.

Closing the eyes allows one to isolate oneself from others, to enter one’s own way in meditation, in interiorization.

The place

The environment promotes meditation. However, it is not necessary to go to an oratory or a chapel to pray. The important thing is to create a break between the activity that precedes and the moment of prayer. We do not only dialogue with family or group; we will go to God and welcome him.

The moment

There is no good or bad time to pray. The important thing is to get children to understand that prayer makes it possible to welcome God and to realize that the Lord speaks at all times of our life. This learning takes time and requires regularity. Rather than deciding on a specific moment for prayer, it is better to consider the realities of children. If they are excited, it is not the prayer that will calm them! If the climate is tense (fatigue, worries …), it is better to engage in a conversation that will relax the atmosphere.

As a team, sometimes the prayer will open the meeting. Sometimes she will conclude it. However, not all children are ready to experience an encounter with Jesus Christ. If some are too agitated, leave them free but ask them not to interfere with others’ prayers (by moving away or leaving the room). They will feel understood in their difficulties to remain silent and this will give them the opportunity to calm down or to associate the next time.