Multiple Benefits of Funded Langwarrin Kindergarten

Parents in Langwarrin are kept on their toes meeting family obligations and work commitments. Time management skills are often found wanting when parents have to make a living while providing the best care for their child/children.

Funded Langwarrin kindergarten can help with the problem of families being unable to attend sessional kinder programs every day. Families availing of integrated funded Langwarrin kindergarten gain benefits, to include:

Full-day kinder program

Parents opting for an integrated funded kindergarten gain access to a whole-day early childhood education program. The longer class session is the best way to smoothen the transition to 1st grade.

Access to qualified teachers

The learning process of whole-day integrated funded kindergarten is supported by a fully qualified teacher. Other educators will also be on hand to assist children during interactive play sessions.

Meals prepared by a qualified cook

The children’s meals are prepared on-site by a qualified cook. The dietary requirements requested by parents will be followed. This means that packed lunch boxes are not part of the equation when you drop off your child at the facility.

Provides an individual portfolio at the end of each year to show each child’s learning experiences

Portfolios of all the learning experiences of each child are provided to parents at the end of each year. The special portfolio allows parents to see the daily activities participated in by their children. Group activities during excursions and incursions will all be included in this memorable keepsake. This allows children to hold on to the important milestones learned and experienced while attending the year-long kindergarten program.

Outdoor educational excursions

The learning process of children is excellently augmented by regular outdoor excursions to places such as the community garden or the local library. Children are also provided opportunities to learn, experience, and appreciate the wonders of nature during these trips.

No additional cost to parents

The service fees incorporated in the funded kindergarten program mean no additional cost to parents. The integration into the long daycare services of funded kindergarten means that parents can claim CCR or Child Care Rebate or CCB or Child Care Benefit.

In a nutshell:

The top benefits provided by funded kindergarten to parents include:

  • Closing and opening times are convenient for parents. Morning or night traffic is often busy. The kindergarten allows adequate time for parents to drop off and pick up their children. This eliminates the need for parents to arrange with family or friends drop-off or pick-up times.
  • Provide parents the choice of a convenient time to drop off or pick up their children.
  • Full-day kindergarten program
  • Inclusion of meals provided by a qualified cook
  • Regular outdoor excursions under strict supervised care

Benefits of Kindergarten (Standalone or Funded)

Parents and children stand to gain multiple benefits when opting for either standalone or funded kindergarten. Multiple research studies have shown that the most powerful way of supporting the development and learning of children are through quality play-based programs of kindergarten.

Letting a child attend kindergarten is always recommended by early childhood education experts. The benefits gained by a child while attending kindergarten sets the stage for learning abilities throughout schooling years and beyond.

Integrated funded kindergarten offers the best of both worlds to parents and children. The flexibility of time for dropping off or picking up a child makes it the most convenient choice of all. Choose a local kindergarten in Langwarrin to make things easier for you.

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