Children’s Activities

Children’s activities can be categorized into two which are the indoor activities and the outdoor activities. Children who do outdoor activities are believed to have faster rate in brain development than kids who do the indoor activities. Playing outdoor can encourage physical activity in children. Children who play outdoor are even more active, much happier and friendly compared to children who play indoor. It is not just advantageous physically but also mentally. It boosts children’s confidence than the kids who are into indoor activities as it makes them become shy and quiet. Apparently, kids who do outdoor activities are more active and less likely to become overweight than kids who stays indoor. Although it has many advantages, outdoor activities can only be done during a good weather that is why there are also indoor activities which are fun ways to spend even in bad weather. Children who spend their days outside tend to appreciate nature and they learn to respect the environment.

Indoor activities like arts and crafts are also beneficial. It could also grow child’s development and make them creative. Kids can also express their emotions through arts. Some people think that indoor activities are less beneficial than outdoor activities but there are many factors to be considered for the two activities and some of them are the space and the weather. Kids have their own preferences when it comes to choosing what activities that would make them enjoy as well as make them feel that their body and mind can.

There are activities can be done individually or by group. One of the important benefits of group activities is your children will learn about teamwork and develop their social skills. But the disadvantage of group activities is that some children may not work so well because they rather do it on their own and avoid arguments with other members of the group. There are kids who shine in group activities and there are also who shine in individual activities.

Geographical remoteness of the area has also impact on how the children prefer to spend their time in doing the activities. Those who live in major cities have more population than in rural areas which could be an influence in kids’ activity preference. The parents may have also different expectations for their kids that could also influence them on what activities to choose and how they able to perform in such activities.

Whatever the activity is, the parents have important role for their kids and make them feel their support. As long as the child is properly guided and supported by their parents, they could excel in the activities that they choose and their energy may define their preferences.