Australian Theme Parks

Sun and fun

There are multiple parks in Australia, many situated in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, but the most important theme parks are in the Gold Coast. These include: Movie World, Sea World, Wet n Wild, Dreamworld, within others. What has each one of them to offer?

  • Movie World, Gold Coast: It is a Warner Bros. theme park made for someone who loves a good ride, it includes all kinds of them! From thrill rides to family rides, it has shows and lots of other games for those who just can’t bear the sight of a rollercoaster. Make sure to check the seasonal events during your visit, there may be a surprise event!

Pacific Motorway, Oxenford QLD 4210, Australia.

  • Sea World: Made for animal-lovers, this park has all types of shows and games that ensure you have fun. Animals are well taken care of, sometimes you can even feed them. There are sharks, seals and dolphins. It gets better: you can swim with the dolphins!

Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia.

  • Wet’n’Wild: From chill rides to exciting ones, this is a must for your trip! If it is a hot day and all you want to do is be in a pool, what would be more fun than to be in a huge one? It has pools that simulates beaches, plus adventurous slides and of course for those who are going with little ones, they have family games so that everyone shall have fun!

Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia.

  • Dreamworld: This theme park has the peculiarity of having a tremendous variety of rides and experiences. For example, you can go from a thrill ride like the ‘‘Hot Wheels Sidewinder’’, to a water one, to feeding tigers on the Tiger Island! It certainly is a very complete one and of course it is a must!

Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia.

All of them include food courts (not included on the ticket price) and facilities. They are all made for disabled people to enjoy at their best! Ticket prices vary from 70 usd to 120 usd. There are different combos depending on each park. Usually there are some promotions if you want to visit more theme parks or if you are a family group. Make sure to ask or go to TripAdvisor, that always has those promotions available and it is a secure page.

Please note that if you are pregnant, have neck or heart problems or any other illness or physical disability you should first contact your doctor to see if you can attend and if you can, to consult on which games you can hop on.