Diving Into the World of Enclosed Art Prints

Arts have been an expression of beauty and creativity since time immemorial with legends like Picasso rising to the occasion. Great artworks like Mona Lisa have stood the test of time, and for a glimpse, a hefty amount has to be submitted. Framed arts have, however, gained fame through house decoration. Besides being used as décor, they can furthermore be presented to loved ones as gifts. Either in photography or paintings, framed decorations always seem to fix the unseen problem in a room.

Customised enclosed arts are also available to the market today for those with unique demands. The frames may vary in the form of material used, the design of the structure, or a unique expression of art by the artist as ordered by their clients. In this type of order, the client specifies more than just the frame; one has to select the colour and glaze most preferred for the art piece. How do we, however, differentiate good art from fake? With a lot of scammers operating in the industry, you need the following tips to assist you in getting value for your money.

Tips to Assist You Purchase Art Prints Online Effectively

Navigating the market blindly could only lead to wastage of time and finances, especially for new buyers. Discussed below are a few tips that are instrumental in your search or fine art prints online today.

1. Only purchase from reputable dealers

From searching online and getting viable recommendations from friends and family, it is appropriate that you have several dealers you can trust. Check their reviews online and the kind of ratings that the dealer gets from their clients. Keep off dealers that have a lot of complaints on their sites from poor service delivery or dealing in counterfeit artwork. Every print also needs to come with a signature of the artist in pencil accompanied by the certificate of copyrights assuring the buyer that no similar reproductions of the project will be made.

2. Ascertain the quality and prevailing condition of the artwork

It is wise to enrich your mind with information and details regarding artworks. This gets you ready to assess and inspect any artwork for originality before making any purchase. Among the factors, you should be able to check and prove for creativity are

  • Acidity ranging from pH7 to pH10
  • Ranking surpassing six on blue wool scale
  • Archival quality paper (at least 100 years resistant to light)

3. Be cautious of artwork scams.

A lot of scams have been going on different sites belonging to the print artists, dealer’s websites, and even different auctioneers online. In most cases, the original artists may not have any idea their work is being counterfeited. Print markets exist in two forms in the world today. The first type of art print market is known as unsigned and may not be on a limited edition or archived. Art prints in this form of the market are cheaper and can easily be procured.

The second form of art prints market only deals with legit products and mostly those that are limited editions. Here it may be difficult to authenticate the original seller since scammers and frauds have made way to steal from unknowing clients. It is thus appropriate that one has all the relevant information before engaging in any form of transaction with art print sellers online.

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