Aboriginal Scarves

All You Need To Know About Aboriginal Scarves

The primary role of the aboriginal scarves is to tell about a unique story. Their royalties arising from the sale of each product benefits their community and individual artist directly.

Aboriginal art relies on ancient stories, and it’s usually filled by using  Dreamtime’ period symbols, which is a representation of how the world was created. The stories have lasted more than 50,000 years now and have been delivered to many generations both visually and verbally on bark paintings and rock art.

The aboriginal scarves act as great gifts and souvenirs. Also, they are unique clothing accessories that guarantee to turn any head in addition to starting conversations. With each aboriginal scarf, you will find the information about its artist, the Dreamtime story, and artwork. By doing it becomes possible to share some information relating to a given Aboriginal culture to anyone who needs it. Let’s see some of the common Aboriginal Scarves:

Woollen Scarves

Woollen scarves are the best for men and women. They are an Australian merino wool types of scarves that feature designs of the common artists namely, Paddy Stewart and Pauline Gallagher. These artists originate from the Warlukurlangu Artists Corporations, situated in Yuendumu. This corporation north-west side of Alice Springs, a distance of 290 km.

Silk Scarves

If you want the best scarf for the coming warmer months, a silk scarf is a choice to go for. It is specifically made for women, and it comes with bold and bright earthy designs. The designs symbolize the famous artists like Murdie Morris and Otto’s Sims. Mostly, you will find each scarf measuring 54cm by 180cm. You can dress the scarf either down or up with jeans as one way of brightening up the dark suit or any outfit.

Summer Brights

Are you that individual who always adores bright colours? Then summer brights must be the best scarves for you. Summer brights are the type of scarves featuring bright colors that most people do adore. It is a silk scarf featuring pink, yellow, and blue pops. Summer brights rely on Saraeva Marshall’s Aboriginal artwork. Saraeva Marshall started painting from her early age with the assistance from her mother and grandmother. It is through these two that Saraeva got to learn about the ancestral women who used to travel, dance and perform ceremonies that promoted unity in the country as they travelled.

Bush Tucker

Bush Tucker is a luxurious, subtle type of silk scarf that relies on artwork associated with Susan Peter, commonly identified as Bush tomatoes. Bush tomato is a plant that grows only in the sandy country, and this is usually around the Wolfe Creek Crater. You will always find Susan proudly painting the bush medicines and bush tucker, which she always love collecting. Her family is what taught her the main purpose of this painting.

If you’re to offer your friend or family member, a special birthday gift or anniversary gift or you’re planning for the best Christmas gift; the bush tucker scarf should not be an option. It is a perfect choice if you’re planning to treat yourself or planning for an anniversary, birthday and Christmas gift.

Aboriginal scarves offer endless benefits. Make a step of purchasing one of the discussed types and enjoy the outstanding results they offer!

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