How to Choose the Best ISO Accreditation Registrar

Business and companies are on the run to get ISO certified. It is, without a doubt, that ISO certification comes with enormous benefits for any business. No business would want to underperform or be inefficient.

The process of obtaining an ISO certification is rigorous. It requires the participants to set goals that are beneficial to their operation, besides laying down the strategies that are in tandem with the internally recognised standard. This process usually ends with an award of an ISO certificate.

ISO Accreditation Registrar

The body that awards the ISO certificate is what is called the ISO Accreditation Registrar/ accredited registrar and sometimes commonly referred to as an accredited certification body. This body is accredited by a recognised body to audit as well as issue certification as a confirmation that a company meets the laid down requirements of a standard.

Such a body is, therefore, held in high regards. It should be able to audit your company without favour or biases to ascertain whether it meets the international standards. This body is, undoubtedly, an essential determinant of the future of your business.

Keep in mind that numerous ISO Accreditation Registrars are operating within different countries. However, not all of them are registered to offer such services. As such, care must be employed while looking for a registrar. It will be pointless, to toil all the way and be accredited by a noncompliant body; it will be void.

The search

The search for an ISO registrar should begin soon as embark on the accreditation process. To be on the safe side, it proper to start three months before the expected date of accreditation. This time frame allows you to scrutinise if the candidate you select meets all the regulations of the ISO Accreditation Bodies.

Major considerations

You should consider:

Independence of the body

Registrar must perform their job independently. It is not in their vocabulary to consult. Once you invite them, they must do their audit to ascertain if your organisation is compliant with the international standard without the help of another body.


This an essential factor when selector a registrar. An experienced body will deliver better results than an amateur organisation. What you have to consider, basically is if the accrediting body has the experience in the domain in which the company is operating. For instance, if you own a manufacturing company, the ISO Accreditation Registrar must have sufficient knowledge in that particular industry to deliver accurate results.

While looking at an ISO Accreditation Registrar, you’ll notice some are accredited to operate in diverse fields while other only can audit a single entity. Critically looking at the qualifications of the registrar can help you make a sound decision.


Pricing is usually a primary concern. Some ISO Accreditation Registrar may charge exorbitant rates; beyond your budget. You still find genuine ones who can offer the services at an affordable price, but you have to search deeper.

Office support

You may be tempted to assume this factor. However, how the accrediting body handles issues is very important. They must be able to respond to your concerns promptly and precisely. They must assure you the accreditation process is adding value to your business, rather draining it away.

Other important factors that come into play here is interpersonal skills, how flexible they are and are they interested in working with you.

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